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Five Pillars
Of Our Belief

Here at Wesleyan Academy, our focus and dedication is to produce Christian leaders that impact Puerto Rico and the world. We cultivate the experience of integrated learning throughout our educational programs. 


To achieve our objectives, emphasis is placed in the incorporation of five pillars to develop and strengthen our student community: Spiritual, Academic, Languages, Fine Arts, and Sports.


  • Spiritual – Integrating Biblical principles to strengthen values through the academic experience, retreats, community service, and missions.

  • Academics – Developing 21st century skills needed to be successful in the digital age and beyond. Implementing e-books in grades 7-12.

  • Languages – Strengthening student abilities in the principal languages of English and Spanish; offering French as a six-year elective in Junior and High School.

  • Fine Arts – Cultivating talents in choir, drama, painting, and photography in all aspects of the curriculum.

  • Sports – Playing sports designed to encourage a superior sports experience; mainly in volleyball, basketball, and soccer.


Committed to excellence, WA continues to move toward new horizons and opportunities. Students can identify themselves in the development of their virtues within this balance. In each educational experience, there is a generous influx of spiritual motivation and values to contribute to the formation of each student's character as future leaders. This is our goal.

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