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Welcome to our After School Activities Program!

The Wesleyan Academy After School Activities Program (ASAP) has been created with the purpose of offering new opportunities for our students to learn skills that they can enjoy. Ballet, violin, piano, and more relaxing classes like photography and jazz are provided. Being a part of the ASAP is a way to acquire and enhance those skills that your child may have or you want them to learn.


Harvard University has researched the participation of students in after school programs, and they have found that this type of program influences academic performance in a number of ways, including better attitudes toward school and higher educational aspirations. Our Academy strives to offer enrichment classes that will contribute to their development as well-prepared leaders as a whole. Techno inventors, Bricks4Kids, Tennis, Zumba, French, Painting, Cartooning, Kindermusic, Guitar, Clay Art, Sewing, Drama, and Dance are part of the regular classes offered in this program.


The After School Activities Program is part of the fourth pillar that guides our curriculum and contributes to the development of student leaders in our institution. Fine Arts courses at Wesleyan Academy through the ASAP enable our students from PPK through 12th grade to develop their interests and talents in the arts. Every student benefits from fine arts courses, even when their future career successes may be outside of music, acting, dance or art. It has to do with promoting self-esteem, motivation, cultural exposure, creativity, improved emotional expression, as well as social harmony and appreciation of diversity in light of Christian values.

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