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Our History

Wesleyan Academy was started in Caparra Terrace by a small group of missionaries with great compassion and a big heart.  In 1955, when industrialization was overtaking Puerto Rico, the Reverend Robert Crosby and his wife Norva, along with a small group of evangelical believers, identified the need and launched the idea of an English-language Christian School. The leadership of the Department of Wesleyan World Missions in Marion, Indiana was essential to the success of the school in its beginning. The effort, pain, joy, and sacrifices experienced are impossible to describe.  But, with a spirit of prayer and continuous supplications before “the central offices of Heaven,” the idea became a reality.


Starting with only Kindergarten through second grade, the school counted with a total of 27 students.  Mrs. Crosby taught all subjects in English and two language teachers gave Spanish.  Each year, a new grade was added, and the Academy continued its education with the approval and accreditation of the Department of Education, first obtained in 1957.  In 1961, Wesleyan Academy moved to its present location in Guaynabo, where its first senior class graduation took place in 1966.


The success of our school is due to the efforts, prayers, and vision of many faithful believers.  Christian Community Church, once known as Wesleyan Community Church, has always been a strong supporter as the school grew and developed through the years.  The Wesleyan Guaynabo Church, located next to school grounds, has also generously opened their church facilities for chapel and other activities that promote the spiritual development of the students.


The new primary school building was constructed in 2007 to accommodate 16 additional classrooms for grades Pre Pre-Kinder through Second Grade. Classes, competitive sports, and electives are taught by the school’s 70 instructors while a staff of 30 people that cover other administrative duties. Presently, Wesleyan Academy has a student body of about 500 students.


The Academy is now owned by the Wesleyan Church, District of Puerto Rico.  The Wesleyan Academy Board of Trustees is the school’s governing body and is composed of voluntary Christian leaders, the School Director and the Business Manager.

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