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  • Financial Market - Course in Finances that focuses on the investment market

  • Art - Advanced visual arts course

  • Creative Writing - Workshop on the skills of creative writing and its different forms

  • Greenhouse & Hydroponics - Covers the principles and practices of sustainability and gardening

  • Life Skills - Teaches basic skills of Adulting like manual chores, personal finance and basic cooking

  • Web Design - -Develops skills beyond our basic Technology courses, focused on the design of websites

  • Yearbook - Practices student’s photography and editing skills while they publish the school’s yearbook

  • Astronautical Science - Specialized forum for those interested in space and related topics

  • Show Choir - Nurtures students’ interest and talent in the performing arts

  • Cultural Geography - Study of places and cultures around the world

  • French - Teachers basic language (spelling and grammar) and culture skills in the French language


  • Bible Journaling & Lettering

  • Digital Art

  • Environmental Club

  • Social Media Club

  • Gardening Club

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  • Instagram
  • YouTube
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