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As  a college preparatory institution, Wesleyan Academy endeavors to meet the educational needs of its students in the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical dimensions of their lives. It strives to present a Christian worldview and democratic values in an environment of academic excellence and spiritual development.


Academic instruction is offered in English except for a limited number of Social Studies classes, all related to the history of Puerto Rico. Spanish as a Second Language is offered to those students whose first language is not Spanish. The curriculum fully utilizes modern technology in a challenging learning environment in which the students become resourceful and active, lifelong learners. Students are expected to attain a high level of competency in the subject matter and to be prepared with the foundation of the 21st-Century Skills they will need for life in the outside world. The school provides opportunities to develop their unique interests and abilities by participating in a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities such as Music, Art, Technology, Physical Education, Drama, Math Competitions, Writing Contests, Robotics, Spelling Bee, French, and others.

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