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Fine Arts Program

At Wesleyan Academy we believe that art is God's creation. We believe in using the visual and performing arts in the expansion of God's Kingdom as well as an education tool.


That is why we offer an outstanding arts curriculum that includes a choral program with an award winning choir, a diverse visual arts program, and a drama program that nurtures the theatrical arts as well as dance. We are reminded of the importance God places on the arts when He commands us to use our talents skillfully for His glory.


Wesleyan Academy students of all ages have the opportunity to develop and use their unique gifts and talents in these areas. Many opportunities are presented through the different educational and spiritual activities programmed throughout the year. The Fine Arts program is credited for its spectacular concerts, Disney Music Fest solo and group competitions, art exhibits, talent shows, Easter dramas, school band, and art renderings published in school calendars, to name a few. We invite all students to pursue the journey of learning through the Fine Arts Program at Wesleyan Academy. Come and join us in a celebration of the arts!​

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