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Asked Questions


Do I have to be a practicing Protestant for my child to enroll at Wesleyan Academy?

Admission is open to all qualifying students, as per its Admissions Policy. This requires a commitment from the parents and the student to adhere to school policies, curriculum and values, as well as attendance to chapel services and spiritual retreats.


Is Wesleyan Academy a secular school, or is it affiliated to any church or religion?

It is a private Christian school owned by the Evangelical Wesleyan Church of Puerto Rico.  Our curriculum is fully integrated and consistent with scriptural values and principles.


How old does my child have to be to enter Wesleyan Academy?

Preschool age requirements, by September 30 of the school applying for:

  • PPK- 3 years old

  • PK – 4 years old

  • K – 5 years old


When can I begin the application process for my preschool aged child?

Application for preschool opens in October, to start school the following August.


Is Wesleyan Academy an accredited institution?

The Academy has dual accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA). It is also licensed by the Consejo de Educación de Puerto Rico and a member of the following:  Caribbean Association of Independent Schools, National Junior Honor Society, National Honor Society, Puerto Rico High School Athletic Alliance, National Association of Secondary School Principals, Private Education Association, and the Caribbean Counselors Association.


What is the highest number of students per classroom?

PPK- a maximum of 20 students

PK- 12th grade – a maximum of 25 students


Is this a bilingual school?

Our academic instruction is offered in English, except for the following subjects:

  • Spanish

  • Social Studies in grades 1-4

  • PR History - 7th and 12th grade

Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) is offered to those qualified students whose first language is not Spanish. A diagnostic test is administered for proper placement.


Which sports do you offer?

Our 4th-6th grade teams participate in the LAMEPI league in sports such as boys and girls’ volleyball, indoor and outdoor soccer, swimming, tennis, and basketball, among others.


Our 7th-12th grade students participate in the PRHSAA.  Sports include boys and girls’ volleyball, indoor and outdoor soccer, basketball, swimming and futsal, among others.


Is lunch included in the monthly tuition?

The healthy meals provided by our cafeteria are provided for an additional fee, and are optional for students in grades 4th-12th, while the meal plan is mandatory for children in grades PPK through 3rd grades. Parents may opt out of the mandatory meal plan for children having special dietary needs.


Is the fee for Building & Maintenance Fund charged per child or per family?

This fee applies once per family, per year. However, the amount of this fee decreases when students are re-enrolled after the first year..


Does the school have a child care program?

Our school offers a morning and afternoon child care for grades PPK-2nd.  After school child care is also offered for grades 3 - 12.  This service is provided at an additional cost.


Does the academy offer an after school program?

The after school program provides extracurricular activities for our students at an additional cost.  Classes vary from year to year based on availability, and these may include: flamenco, ballet, violin, music, drama, sewing, sports clinics, and robotics, among others.

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