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Counseling & Guidance

The College Counseling Office at Wesleyan Academy offers career and college counseling services to students in their process of pursuing a college-level education. Our School Counselor applies the following Biblical principles to the functions of the Office: 

1. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. 

2. Knowledge of God brings understanding. 

3. God condemns social injustice among His people and in other nations. 

4. Each human being is unique and has been created to glorify God. 

5. Consideration of others is based on God's love and kindness for us. 

6. God holds us responsible for what He has given us. 

7. Life' is short; we must use it wisely. 

8. Each person is a unique and special creation of God. 

9. Each person has diverse abilities, needs, and talents. 

10. God's will for our lives is perfect. 

Department personnel is responsible for providing orientation to students, parents, and faculty regarding academic needs and career preparation. The services available include assistance with: a. Developing good study habits b. Course planning c. Arranging college visits/tours d. College/career research e. Standardized testing preparation and planning f. College application advice

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