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Puerto Rico has been enriched throughout history by its relationships with different countries. First, we were influenced by the Spanish language, which for many is our native tongue, and later by the English language.


At Wesleyan Academy, we foster the study and use of the two main vernaculars of English and Spanish. We encourage the use of both languages through a multitude of activities. All of the core academic subjects are taught in English with the exception of Spanish class and courses on the History of Puerto Rico. As part of our commitment to also nurture the Spanish language, our teachers lead the students in poetry competitions, Spanish Language Week, and Puerto Rican Day festivities and exhibits, among others. To supplement our English classes, students have the opportunity to compete in Spelling Bees, publish storybooks at the elementary level, and participate in other activities which they enjoy as part of the learning process. Our summer reading program in both English and Spanish is another way to reinforce students' language skills..


Furthering our commitment to excellence, we have added a third language to our educational programs at the secondary school level. Through the French elective class, which begins in seventh grade, our students are exposed to another language, which allows them  the opportunity to graduate having learned at least three languages. As an extracurricular activity, some of our students have chosen to take others online. Time has confirmed that when a person masters multiple languages, greater opportunities open up in the workforce, and life is enriched through this knowledge!

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