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Primary Requirements


Requirements for Admission 

Preschool Age Requirements for Admission – By September 30 of the applying school year.

Pre-Pre Kinder      3 years old

Pre Kinder              4 years old

Kinder                      5 years old


Documents needed:

The following documents must be submitted with the application and a non-refundable Application Fee:

  • Completed and signed application form

  • One 2x2 photo

  • An original birth certificate (for verification only)

  • Letter of conduct from previous school

  • Certificate of good financial standing from previous school, if a private school.

  • Early Childhood Parent Questionnaire

  • Parent or Guardian Statement


Admission Process:

  • Pay the nonrefundable application and testing fee.

  • Starting with Kinder applicants, an admission evaluation will be administered.

  • The admissions file and admission evaluation results, if applicable, are submitted to the Admissions Committee. A formal interview
    with the student or additional testing may be required at the discretion of the Committee.

  • Parent interview with the Headmaster or Principal may be requested.

  • The decision is informed to parents.

  • Once accepted, a letter with due date for payment and additional enrollment documents are provided.
    Subsequently, parents are notified with detailed information about book and uniforms needed.


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