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Welcome to our High School!

Seventh through Twelfth Grade

It is with great pleasure that we take this opportunity to welcome you to our school. We are extremely proud of the programs we offer our students, and we encourage you to make the most of your time with us.


As a college preparatory institution, it is our goal to meet the education needs of our students in the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical dimensions of their lives. We strive to provide an atmosphere of Christian concern and an environment of academic excellence. It is our prayer that all of our students have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and accept His call to live a redeemed life.


We seek to teach our students a Christian worldview and democratic values to produce members of our society who are willing to selflessly serve others.

High School Principal - Enid Sepulveda_Wesleyan_08Sep21.jpg

Enid Sepulveda

High School Principal

High School Curriculum

As a college-prep Academy, instruction is offered in English except for Spanish class and Puerto Rico History in 7th and 12th grades. To those qualified students whose first language is not Spanish, we offer Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) class. Our curriculum, consistent with scriptural values and principles, includes:


• Modern technology & other resources

• Curricular and extra-curricular activities

• Activities that encourage academic excellence and spiritual development

• Other classes include Art, Music, Handwriting, Computer, Bible, Physical Education, among others


Seventh & Eighth Grades

  • Pre-Algebra/Algebra I                               

  • English

  • Social Studies                                             

  • Spanish/SSL

  • Physical Education                  

  • Bible/Chapel

  • Health                                                           

  • Computer

  • Music                                                            

  • Science

Secondary Level


  • English

  • Spanish / SSL

  • Algebra I / Geometry

  • World History II

  • Physical Science

  • Computer Basic and Excel

  • Physical Education

  • Bible


  • English

  • Spanish SSL

  • Algebra II / Geometry

  • American History

  • Biology I

  • Microsoft Office

  • Physical Education

  • Bible

  • Chapel


  • English

  • Spanish / SSL

  • Algebra II / Precalculus

  • US Gov'ts / Economics

  • Chemistry / Biology

  • Physical Education

  • Bible

  • Chapel


  • English

  • Spanish / SSL

  • Pre History

  • Chemistry / Biology II

  • Physics / Environmental Science

  • Personal Social Dev.

  • Bible

*Electives vary from year to year and may include United Nations, Cine y Literatura, Creative Writing, Band, Yearbook, Environmental Science, Choir, Web Design, Art, Discipleship, Journalism, Ethics, Poetry, French, and (for 12th grade) PE.

Graduation Requirements

High School students (grades 9-12) must meet the following requirements for graduation set by the PR Department of Education and Wesleyan Academy.

  • 4 units Spanish (1 unit for every year in P.R.)

  • 4 units English

  • 4 units Social Studies

  • 4 units Mathematics**

  • 4 units Natural Sciences***

  • ½ unit Bible for every year of attendance 9th-12th

  • ½ unit PE 9th-11th

  • ½ unit Basic and Excel in 9th

  • ½ unit Health in 9th

  • ½ unit Microsoft Office in 10th

  • ½ unit Personal & Social Development

 Community Service Requirement: Students in Grades 9-12 are required to fulfill community service,        outside of the Academy, for every year of attendance.

  •  9th grade – 9 hours per semeste

  •  10th grade – 10 hours per semester

  •  11th grade – 11 hours per semester

  •  12th grade – 12 hours per semester


* Transfer students are evaluated individually.

** Fast Track Math courses are honors courses. Fast Track students are one year ahead of their peers.

*** Chemistry and Physics are honors courses.


Colleges Attended by WA Graduates

Wesleyan Academy graduates pursue undergraduate studies at many local and stateside colleges and universities. To name a few: the University of Puerto Rico with branches throughout the island, Wheaton College, Cornell University, Yale University, John Hopkins, Purdue University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), New York University, Georgetown University, Syracuse University, Loyola University, and numerous others.

Senior Awards

W.A. graduates receive several awards and recognitions during the commencement ceremony. These include:

Academic Awards

  • Essay – This award recognizes the senior with the third highest overall academic average.

  • Salutatorian – This award recognizes the senior with the second highest overall academic average.

  • Valedictorian – This award recognizes the senior with the highest overall academic average.

  • Highest Honors – These students will have a grade point average between 3.80 and 4.00.

  • High Honors – For this category, each student must have a grade point average between 3.50-3.79.

  • Honors – For this category, each student must have a grade point average between 3.25 and 3.49.

Perseverance Award – This award recognizes those students who have been in the academy consecutively from grades Pre-kinder/Kinder to 12th grade.


National Honor Society – The Wesleyan Academy Chapter of the National Honor Society was chartered in 1971 under the national organization to give recognition to and to provide an avenue of service for students who are outstanding in scholarship, character, service, and leadership. To be eligible for membership, a student must have a cumulative average of at least 88%.


College Board National Hispanic Recognition Program – This program was initiated in 1983 to identify outstanding Hispanic/Latino high school students. In recent years, the National Hispanic Recognition Program has recognizing  approximately 5,000 Hispanic/Latino students selected from a pool of over 253,000 who took the PSAT/NMSQT/PAA. Hispanic Scholars are those seniors with a 3.50 GPA or higher who took the PSA/NMSQT exam in their junior year. 

Academic Awards

  • Senior Excellence Award Academics – This award is given to the senior boy and girl who have the highest grade point averages. This year’s recipients are:

  • Senior Excellence Award Athletics – This award is given to the senior boy and girl who excel in athletics, two or more varsity sports while demonstrating a high level of ability, dedication, effort, responsibility, and sportsmanship at total athletes.

  • Richard M. Lively Sportsmanship Award – this award is given to the senior boy and girl who exhibit an outstanding level of sportsmanship and a positive attitude in the athletic program.

  • Senior Excellence Award Christian Service – This award is given to the senior boy and girl who display outstanding Christian character and services. These students must have dedicated time to be actively involved in Christian activities in school as well as out of school, and best exemplify Christian love and service as displayed and taught by Christ.

  • Senior Excellence Award Fine Arts – Musical

  • Senior Excellence Award Fine Arts – Visual. The fine arts awards are given to the senior boy and girl who excel in the fine arts while displaying leadership, dedication, and talent throughout grades 7-12.

  • Senior Excellence Award Literature – English   

  • Senior Excellence Award Literature – Spanish. These Literary Awards are given to the senior boy and/or girl who excel in creative or expository writing in the English and Spanish language.

  • Senior Excellence Award Oratory - This award is given to the senior boy and/or girl who exhibits excellence and school participation in the oratorical and/or dramatic arts.     

  • Senior Excellence Award Technology - This award is given to the senior boy and/or girl who excels in the technological field as demonstrated by the creative display of information. 

  • Crest Award - The Crest award is the highest general award given by the school. It recognizes the students who have a wide range of involvements and interest in the Wesleyan Academy program.

Clubs and Organizations

  • National Honor Society (10-12th grades)

  • National Junior Honor Society (7-9th grades)

  • Student Senate (6th grade)

  • Cheerleading

  • Intermediate Choir

  • High School Choir

  • Boy Scout Troop 505

  • Student Council (7-12th grade)


High School
Programs & Services

Many programs and services are offered to our students to help them develop their potential intellectually, spiritually and physically. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • School Without Walls (Camp Guajataka) – A four-day spiritual retreat/camping experience for all seventh graders. A group of trained seniors serve as counselors, together with faculty members (this takes place at the Boy Scout Camp on the Guajataka Reserve).

  • School Without Walls “The Return” – A renewal of the Guajataka experience for the Senior class.  

  •  Junior Career Week – An activity which places juniors in the community for one week, working/shadowing professionals in chosen careers.

  •  Spiritual Emphasis Week - held once each semester for all grade levels; guest speakers from Puerto Rico and the U.S. bring fresh Biblical insights and encouragement through daily Chapels during the week

  •  After School Tutoring/Supervised Studies program -  offered by both teachers and upper-level students.

  •  The After School Activities Program (ASAP) -  provides enrichment classes for students of all levels. Past disciplines have included Project Generation E (a community service project), Autodesk AutoCAD, Google SketchUp, Photography, Fundamentals of Design, and Architectural Design.

  •  Athletics – A very extensive sports program with membership in the PRHSAA (Puerto Rico High School Athletic Alliance) for grades 7-12.

  •  After School Child Care Program - which runs from 3:30 (or 2:30 on early dismissal days)-5:30pm, for the whole school.

  •  Lunch program - Including hot and cold lunches for all grades.

  •  Community Service – All High School students participate in a service program. The goal of this program is for students to fulfill a certain number of hours of community service, before graduation. Several of our students offer community service on their own or in    coordination with their church group or other non-school organizations.

  •  Students in the NHS (National Honor Society) and the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) have one or more community projects annually in which the members are involved.

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