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The Robert And Norva Crosby Scholarship Fund

In the past 60 plus years, Wesleyan Academy has graduated over 2600 students, and has been blessed to serve a great number of students who have crossed our path before graduating at other schools on the island or elsewhere. 


We often hear testimonies like the one of a certain gentleman who studied at WA during his freshman year. As an adult, he had the opportunity to return to WA during one of our college fairs. He shared that while at WA in the 9th grade, he received Christ as Savior and Lord, and that his decision for Christ has made all the difference in the world. What a blessing to hear!


Together we can continue to impact the lives of many families. We want to continue to educate more children and teens, both academically and spiritually. Your contribution of any amount will help to provide a student scholarship. The Robert and Norva Crosby Scholarship Fund counts on people like you to help us continue making a difference. May you be blessed tenfold!

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Tel:   (787) 720-8959 Ext. 1227 / 1228 / 1229
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