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Foster your child’s innovative, analytical and academic performance at Wesleyan Academy

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Choosing the right private school for our kids can sometimes be a worrisome search. For parents, the decision is of paramount importance since it will trace the road to their forthcoming achievements. Considering current uncertain times, this decision becomes key since the outcome of this choice could determine their road to success, providing them with upcoming opportunities.

This new school year, the decision will have greater weight since it will be important to ensure children attend an institution that strictly complies with COVID-19 protocols. At a time when remote learning has become the new reality for many, the transition to another system must provide peace of mind to parents, while being engaging for students.

Wesleyan Academy is an excellent choice for parents who wish to provide their child with the social and academic skills needed to succeed. Our institution is an English instruction PreK-12th grade college preparatory school located on an eight-acre campus in Guaynabo, with the mission to produce future Christian leaders for Puerto Rico and the world, through a comprehensive program of academics, sports, and spiritual excellence that develops character, discipline, scholarship, and service.

In compliance with the government’s new executive order, the school will implement a hybrid education system combining advanced technology for virtual sessions, along with the traditional face-to-face teaching modality, in a safe environment that meets the highest standards of hygiene and prevention. This model will allow attendance to classes two days a week, and three days for virtual learning sessions, alternating the groups. Our maintenance team is constantly caring for the daily cleanliness of the school and dedicates two days a week to disinfecting the whole campus. Primary grades have bathrooms inside their classrooms; the rest of the school will only share bathroom facilities, hallways, and recreational areas with one more grade within its cohort.

Our virtual classrooms have been equipped with conference shot cameras for the student’s best quality image while taking their remote sessions and high-fidelity microphones to ensure clear audio. Parents will have the option to choose between hybrid or totally remote sessions.

This new generation of online students has learned to become adaptable and independent. The skills acquired by them today will be the stepping stones for their future advancement. In this sense, their education has to provide them with a strong set of proficiencies. As parents and educators, we must encourage them to become, not only learners but innovators. Skills such as leadership, discipline, and innovation are needed today more than ever!

The future of education is being rewritten now as we encounter constant challenges that we must all learn to overcome. It is important not only to adapt and conquer new technologies -such as those involving virtual education and long-distance learning- but also, to learn how to relate with each other, finding new ways to evolve and overcome hurdles while also having healthy relationships; understanding how to efficiently solve everyday problems while encouraging a keen sense of continuous improvement.

Our extracurricular activities have also been adapted to comply with the required protocols without sacrificing the enjoyment of our students. For example, the school recently deployed a new entrepreneurship program with the Yees! Foundation, where students learn the fundamentals of business and practice their entrepreneurship development. Another school novelty is the Latin Code Week, a STEM-focused entrepreneurship weeklong program that helps develop students in three aspects: soft skills, business skills, and technological proficiency.

School electives also bring more options for students based on their special interests, for instance: Animal Welfare, Art, Creative Writing, Math Skills, Sports History, Music Jam, Public Speaking, Web Design, and Yearbook, just to name a few. There are also fixed elective courses on the curriculum, such as Technology, Word Processing, Excel, PowerPoint, Health, Bible, and Physical Education, offered depending on the grade.

Sports activities are currently not available due to the pandemic but will be offered as soon as it is possible. Normally, sport disciplines include Volleyball, Outdoor Soccer, Cross-Country, Track & Field, Swimming, Basketball, Table Tennis, Bowling, Beach Volleyball, Indoor and Outdoor Soccer, and Golf.

The Wesleyan Academy curriculum and extra-curricular activities are designed to reinforce academic excellence, spiritual development, and individual growth. Our students and athletes -known as Eagles- get accepted to the best universities in Puerto Rico, the United States, and abroad, frequently achieving recruitment to NCAA teams.

At Wesleyan Academy, we are committed to providing the highest quality English instruction in a Christian environment to the next generation of professionals. Enrollment is now open! For more information regarding our educational offering and student life, visit our Facebook page at or

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