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Counseling and Guidance

The Guidance Department of Wesleyan Academy offers services to students and their families as well as to the faculty and staff of the Academy. Guidance personnel seeks to apply the following Biblical principles to the functions of the Department:


1. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

2. Knowledge of God brings understanding.

3. God condemns social injustice among His people and in other nations.

4. Each human being is unique and has been created to glorify God.

5. Consideration of others is based on God's love and kindness for us.

6. God holds us responsible for what He has given us.

7. Life is short; we must use it wisely.

8. Each person is a unique and special creation of God.

9. Each person has diverse abilities, needs, and talents.

10. God's will for our lives is perfect.


Department personnel includes the Dean of Student Affairs, two Guidance Counselors, a Spiritual Life Coordinator, and a Social Worker. These individuals work together in cooperation to provide the help that a student and his/her family may need.


Guidance Counselors


The Guidance Counselors are responsible for providing orientation to students, parents, and faculty regarding academic needs and vocational/career preparation. Students who may need guidance and counseling include those who:


1. Demonstrate periods of superior achievement followed by periods of poor achievement

2. Have difficulty concentrating

3. Have a continuous record of poor achievement

4. Are indecisive about future educational and vocational plans

5. Suddenly lower his/her academic performance

6. Wish to drop a course

7. Are on academic conditions and are doing poorly

8. Others



Spiritual Life Coordinator


The Spiritual Life Coordinator (SLC) oversees the spiritual climate of the school and provides guidance in spiritual matters. Responsibilities include the coordination of chapels, retreats (student and faculty) and early morning devotions. Individual and group counseling as well as the planning and overseeing of lock-ins and the Guajataka Counselors are also responsibilities of the SLC. Students who may need counseling include those who:

1. Want to better understand God's love and His plan of salvation

2. Want to accept Christ as their Savior

3. Want to grow spiritually

4. Are experiencing difficulties in their Christian walk

5. Desire to understand Scripture more fully

6. Demonstrate a spiritual need through poor behavior or attitude


Social Worker


The Social Worker at Wesleyan Academy strives to prevent, diminish, or eliminate from the school environment those personal and family factors which may affect a student's school adjustment as well as their academic work. The Social Worker will counsel students who demonstrate:


1. Inadequate classroom behavior

2. Aggressiveness

3. Hyperactivity

4. Hostility

5. Apparent signs of physical abuse

6. Apparent homosexual tendencies

7. Sexual precocity

8. Apparent alcohol or drug problems

9. Rejection

10. Economic distress

11. Overprotection by family members

12. Students who are on discipline conditions and are not improving (The Social Worker works together with the Dean of Student Affairs who is in charge of student discipline.)

13. Student referrals made to professionals outside of school are done so through the Social Worker's office

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